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OUR MISSION is to build a movement to end child sex abuse through advocacy, prevention, and survivor support.

Oregon Abuse Advocates and Survivors in Service (OAASIS) is a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to increasing public awareness of the realities of childhood sexual abuse, to supporting and empowering survivors of such abuse, and to advocating for strong public policies and laws aimed at preventing it.

OAASIS is made up of survivors of child sexual abuse, as well as parents of survivors, mental health professionals and teachers.  The coalition carries out its work in three primary ways:

First, by promoting conferences, seminars, speakers and writers  to educate the public on the facts and misperceptions about child sexual abuse.

Second, by providing counseling assistance to child abuse survivors who cannot otherwise find or afford such help, either by referrals or by financial assistance.

Third, by providing research, ideas, testimony and advocacy before public bodies such as school districts, local and state legislative bodies and agencies, and before such private organizations as churches, youth organizations and childcare agencies.

OAASIS is funded entirely by contributions from individuals, businesses and foundations, and work of the coalition is done almost entirely by volunteers.

To hear more about the work of OAASIS, please watch this short video clip, which was shown at the 2012 “Gloria Awards” presentation:

Your support will make a difference in our fight against child abuse and our efforts to support survivors. Please consider giving today!

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Each of us possess skills that help one another in the fight to prevent future child abuse. We can use your help in many ways whether it's volunteering time, contributing financially or offering emotional support for others.

If you are a survivor of sex abuse, we are here to help. Please contact us to find support, resources and confidential help for your healing process.