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Kerry Naughton, Executive Director

Kerry Naughton, a survivor of child sexual abuse, has worked in the victim advocacy field for over 15 years, focusing on policy advocacy, program development, public education, and movement building at the local, state, and national levels. She has led efforts to expand access to accurate information and effective services to marginalized crime victims, including survivors of color, youth survivors, survivors of human trafficking, incarcerated sexual assault survivors, and murder victim family members whose cases have “gone cold.” Since 2008, Kerry has helped elevate the voices of Oregon survivors and victim advocates calling for smarter approaches to creating safe, healthy communities.

Contact: kerry@oaasisoregon.org


Klarissa Oh, Education Director

Klarissa Oh has been with OAASIS since its inception in December of 2009.  Prior to OAASIS, she worked as Director of the Maternal Infant Health Integrator with BH1, as a Family Assessment Worker with Healthy Start, and as a Group Facilitator with Kids’ Turn, a program that equips children during divorce and custody changes.  Klarissa’s work has focused on children’s and women’s health, child development, poverty alleviation, and social justice.  In May of 2012, Klarissa had the honor of receiving a Gloria Award from Ms. Gloria Steinem for her leadership in the movement to end child sex abuse.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChEY_rzPFXw  She was recently chosen as one of twenty leaders in the nation to participate in the NoVo Foundations, “Move to End Violence” program.  http://movetoendviolence.org/blog/welcome-new-movement-makers

Contact:  klarissa@oaasisoregon.org









Kristi Kernal, Social Media Director

Kristi Kernal is one of the original founders of OAASIS, and served as vice-president of the original board of directors.  In 2012, Kristi was hired to serve as Assistant Director.  She currently serves as OAASIS’ Social Media Director.  Kristi is passionate about preventing child abuse and supporting survivors in their healing journey, which often includes helping them find a place to serve in the movement to stop child sex abuse.

Contact: Kristi@oaasisoregon.org












Mel Phillips, Victims’ Advocate/Artist in Residence

Mel Phillips is a folk/graffiti artist, writer and natural-born storyteller whose appetite for creativity and fierce love for humanity shapes and colors the unique perspectives he brings to the work. As a change agent, peacemaker, community activist, and Victims’ Advocate at OAASIS, Mel understands that silence is violence in today’s culture of rape, violence, and oppression.  He speaks with and educates individuals and community groups about equity, interpersonal violence, and social justice whenever and wherever the chance is afforded.

Contact: Mel@oaasisoregon.org

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