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All Things Legal Investigations
Dawn Krantz-Watts is an expert in the area of Sex Abuse Litigation. Her company assists litigators at every stage of a case—from the first client interview to settlement and a jury verdict. Dawn specializes in witness interviews, sex abuse litigation, networking and a variety of other things to help meet your legal needs.

Boys Don’t Tell
OAASIS’ former Board President, Randy Ellison’s blog for survivors.

Bradley Angle
The mission of Bradley Angle is to offer survivors of domestic and sexual violence options for safety, empowerment, healing and hope, while collaborating with our communities to create social change.

Breathe Network
The Breathe Network is a resource and referral network that connects survivors to practitioners who offer trauma-informed, mind-body-spirit oriented treatments in order to support integrated, sustainable healing and educates survivors of sexual violence and the broader community about the unique benefits of holistic approaches to healing.

CARES Northwest
CARES Northwest is a collaborative, community-based medical program for the assessment, treatment and prevention of child abuse. We provide a safe, child-friendly environment for the assessment of children for whom there are concerns of physical or sexual abuse, neglect and exposure to domestic violence. Physical examinations and interviews are conducted in a comfortable environment to help children feel safe.

CASA: Court Appointed Special Advocate
A CASA advocate is the tireless and passionate protector of a child who has been abused or neglected and is going through the trauma of the court system. They are granted tremendous authority by the court, and are able to do what it takes to see that a child is not ignored, their best interests and critical needs are addressed, and that the presiding judge is able to understand the true facts of a child’s condition in an over-burdened child welfare system.CASA’s vision is to advocate for a child in the court system who has been abused or neglected and to get them into a permanent home safely, quickly and effectively.

The Children’s Center
The Children’s Center is a partner in Clackamas County’s response to child abuse and the answer to a child’s pain. A private, non-profit medical assessment center, the Children’s Center supports children and families in cases of suspected physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, drug endangerment and witness to violence.

Compassionate Gathering
Compassionate Gathering offers private support, group support and community support to survivors of various forms of abuse.  We started supporting Catholic clergy abuse survivors, but others came to us.  We could not turn anyone away so we now support all survivors of all forms of abuse —  child sexual abuse, physical abuse, clergy sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape, emotional abuse, and rape.

Impact Northwest
Impact NW is a premier provider of educational and social services in the greater Portland metro area. Impact NW is a private non-profit organization that began in 1966 as Portland Action Committees Together, Inc. (PACT). Four neighborhoods came together and created the agency to address the growing problems associated with poverty in the area.

Morrison Child & Family Services
Morrison Child and Family Services is a non-profit organization that delivers specialized services to children, from birth through age 18, and families coping with adversity and trauma. We respect the complexity of human nature and human needs–we guide children and their families through difficult issues by tailoring treatment plans to address individuals’ needs and help them live productive lives.

Mothers of Sexually Abused Children (MOSAC)
MOSAC’s website provides resources for mothers of children who have disclosed sexual abuse.  This group is based here in Oregon, and also has a Facebook page offering support to protective mothers.

National Crime Victims Law Institute
NCVLI is a national non-profit legal advocacy organization whose mission is to actively promote balance and fairness in the justice system through crime victim centered legal advocacy, education, and resource sharing.

NW Network of GLBTQ Survivors of Abuse
NW Network works to end abuse in the diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities.  As an organization founded by and for LGBT survivors, NW Network is committed to fostering the empowerment of all survivors of abuse.

Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence
OCADSV is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1978. The coalition is a feminist organization made up of programs across the state of Oregon, who serve survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force
Their mission is the effective prevention of and response to sexual violence through collaborative, comprehensive, survivor-centered strategies.

Oregon Violence Against Women PAC
The mission of the Oregon VAW PAC is to engage in electoral & legislative activity in Oregon to end domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

Play After Play
Play after Play was created in 2003 by Melanya Helene and Marc Otto to support families in attuning to one another. In our busy and speedy society, we provide a place for simple connection. This kind of attunement is a fundamental need we all have, especially young children. Marc Otto & Melanya Helene were favorite workshop teachers at OAASIS’ 2013 Conference, on the topic of healing the impact of trauma on the brain and body.

The Portland Archdiocese Documents About Priest Abuse
The goal of this site is to help the public, child advocates, and any institution which sponsors “relationships of trust” between adults and children, to see what the Archdiocese of Portland, and its Archbishops and Staff, knew or should have known about pedophile priests, so as to learn from these mistakes and thereby ensure that the tragedies of child abuse do not happen elsewhere.

Partnership for Safety & Justice
PSJ works with people convicted of crime, survivors of crime, and the families of both to advocate for policies that make Oregon’s approach to public safety more effective and more just.

Pursuit of Truth
Pursuit of Truth Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Seeking Justice is a documentary film that chronicles the struggles of adult survivors of child sex abuse (including OAASIS’ Randy Ellison) who seek justice against their abusers. This important, must see film breaks new ground in identifying fundamental flaws in the legal process and in addressing the need to make real systemic changes so that truth prevails over silence.

Restore Hope
Restore Hope works to equip and support families of abuse victims, or those who support them, by providing Christian guidance, counseling and support groups.

Sexual Assault Resource Center
SARC provides immediate response and support to sexually assaulted survivors and empower them to heal and regain control of their lives. To minimize the aftermath by providing advocacy, information, and referrals to the survivors and their families. To educate and create awareness surrounding sexual assault to members of the community.

Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Abuse
THE MISSION OF SAIV is to stop intimate violence — the training ground for the violence of war, terrorism, political repression, and crime.

Springwater Private Pilates/Body Reconciliation
Body Reconciliation is a non-profit organization that has as it’s mission to reach out to primary women and young adults for the purpose of education and service for those who suffered childhood abuse and still suffer with an unhealthy relationship with their bodies. Contact Cristi Dillon: cristiimagodei@comcast.net

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
SNAP is the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others). SNAP is an independent and confidential organization, with no connections with the church or church officials. SNAP has a local gathering in the Portland area.

Survivors of Incest Anonymous (SIA)
The Portland Oregon Area Group of Survivors of Incest Anonymous is a 12 step program that exists to support Survivors of Incest. We define incest very broadly as a sexual encounter by a family member or extended family member that damaged the child. An extended family member could be an aunt, uncle, in-law, cousin, friend of the family, clergy, teacher, coach or anyone that you were led to trust. There is a newcomers group that is currently meeting in Southeast Portland on Sunday evenings.

The Trauma Healing Project
The mission of the Trauma Healing Project is to ensure any person or group in the community impacted by violence, abuse, or other trauma will be supported to completely recover and heal.  Visit their website to learn more about the healing services they offer.

We Heal Now
A site dedicated to helping everyone understand the tragedies of childhood sexual abuse and the role of the LDS church and the Boy Scouts of America in perpetuating the tragedy.

Wintre’s Wishes
Matt Nees’ Email & Phone: mattn@wintreswishes.org, 503.780.1965
The WINTRE’S WISHES FOUNDATION is an organization developed to raise awareness [and eyebrows] of sexual abuse in Oregon. WINTRE’S WISHES is dedicated to SUPPORT, PREVENTION and ADVOCACY for survivors and their supporters. Our goal is to bring individuals and families together to break down the stigma’s associated with sex abuse and to leverage a platform where our voice stands against perpetrators and offenders. All money raised through this foundation goes to support survivors and prevention of further sex abuse

Voices Set Free
Voices Set Free seeks to create an ongoing dialogue to address violence against women, children, and under represented populations. We provide support groups, mentoring, mental health services, and grassroots advocacy by initiating collaboration in our communities.

We Heal Now
A site dedicated to helping everyone understand the tragedies of childhood sexual abuse and the role of the LDS church and the Boy Scouts of America in perpetuating the tragedy.


Leasia M. Cleary, LCSW
Mosaic Counseling Association
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