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This list contains third party information. OAASIS does not take any responsibility whatsoever for such third party information. This list contains links to other internet sites. OAASIS does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the internet sites to which it provides links, nor is OAASIS responsible for the information they contain. The content of these linked sites is the sole responsibility of such sites and their respective contributors. OAASIS does not intend names and links to other sites and services to be referrals or endorsements of the named and linked entities, but rather provides such names and links for convenience only.

Angela Shelton

As a Hollywood screenwriter, model and actress, Angela Shelton lives much of her life on film. After receiving accolades for the film based on her life with her mother, Tumbleweeds, Angela set out to create a documentary called Searching for Angela Shelton. Her goal was to survey women in America by interviewing women who shared her name. As Angela started interviewing other Angela Sheltons she found that 70% had been victims of rape, childhood sexual assault and/or domestic violence. Angela has quickly become recognized as a hero among survivors of trauma. Due to the overwhelming audience response to her and her film, the Angela Shelton Foundation was created with the mission of inspiring and empowering all survivors of abuse to heal and lead joyful lives.

The Awareness Center
The Awareness Center is an international organization dedicated to addressing childhood sexual abuse in Jewish communities around the world. They offer information and resources, and in the near future will have their first international conference, and develop a healing center.

The Broken Spirits Network
Broken Spirits Network is an online community and support group that focuses on aiding both current and past victims of child abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. The Broken Spirits Network provides a comprehensive state by state list of shelters, hotlines and organizations that can provide help for potential victims. In addition to the national abuse resource listing is a comprehensive discussion forum where users can create their own virtual identity within complete confidentiality. This allows people to discuss the happenings of their life without letting others know who they really are. Another point of interest is the information section of the site where you can find a reference of common symptoms of abuse and also find methods to prevent becoming a victim.

Center for Women
Center for Women: The Center for Women hosts support groups for adoption, adult survivors of childhood abuse, depression & anxiety, infertility, lesbian, separation and divorce, survivors of domestic violence/sexual abuse, and women in transition. For more information on any of these groups, call 843.763.3441.

Child Abuse Watch
Child Abuse Watch is a resource center for learning about Child Abuse awareness and prevention.

Darkness to Light
Darkness to Light exists to empower adults through awareness and educational programs to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to childhood sexual abuse.

The Innocence Mission
The Innocence Mission is a non-profit organization dedicated to the eradication of Child Sexual Abuse in all its forms throughout our society. By fundamentally shifting societal perception and changing the public dialog that surrounds it, we will be able to end the horrific cycle of abuse.

Isurvive is a website for survivors of abuse, and a community coming together beyond our painful pasts into a lighter future.

Making Daughters Safe Again (MDSA)
Members-only chat room and message board for adult women who were victims of mother-daughter sexual abuse. Opportunity for women to share their experiences, tears, and thoughts in order to help the healing process. Public forums, pen pals, information, resources, artwork, and advocacy.

MaleSurvivor is committed to preventing, healing, and eliminating all forms of sexual victimization of boys and men through support, treatment, research, education, advocacy, and activism.

Move to End Violence
Move to End Violence (MEV), a 10-year program of the NoVo Foundation, is designed to strengthen our collective capacity to end violence against girls and women in the United States. The program is designed to make deep investments in and have transformational impacts at the individual, organizational, and movement levels. In November 2012, our Executive Director, Klarissa Oh, was named by the NoVo Foundation as one of twenty new leaders to join the MEV’s second co-hort to help build a breakthrough movement to end violence against girls and women in the United States.

The Ms. Foundation for Women
The Ms. Foundation is taking a lead role to end child sexual abuse. Through our support of grantees at the local, state and national level, and by advocating for change ourselves, we’re helping advance prevention policies that hold leaders accountable and ensure that children are safe in the places they live, learn and play. OAASIS is proud to be supported by the Ms. Foundation through grants and other generous support, in our work to end child sex abuse!

National Self-Help Clearinghouse
365 5th Avenue Suite 3300
New York, NY 10016
The National Self-Help Clearinghouse is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1976 to facilitate access to self-help groups and increase the awareness of the importance of mutual support. The clearinghouse provides a number of services.

The Next Step Counseling
P.O. Box 1146,
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, USA
(617) 277-7172
The Next Step Counseling and Training is located in Brookline, Massachusetts. Co-directors Mike Lew, M.Ed. and Thom Harrigan, LICSW and their associates offer individual therapy, couples counseling, group therapy and clinical supervision as well as experiential workshops, professional trainings and public lectures. A primary focus of the work at The Next Step is adult male recovery from the effects of sexual child abuse and other trauma. www.victimsnolonger.org/upcomingevents2.htm

Saisian – Survivors of Sibling Sexual Abuse
Provides information on sibling sexual abuse. It is for parents who know or suspect there is sibling abuse in their family and want to do something about it. It’s also provides information for parents who want to understand and prevent sibling sexual abuse in their family. Many parents are afraid to believe that sexual abuse could be possible in their family, and the information is meant to support parents in facing that possibility in an informed and realistic way.

Survivors Art Foundation
Dedicated to encourage healing through the arts, Survivors Art Foundation is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization committed to empowering Trauma-Survivors with Effective Expressive Outlets via Internet Art Gallery, Outreach Programs, National Exhibitions, Publications and Development of Employment Skills.

SNAP: Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
SNAP is a self-help organization of men and women who were sexually abused by spiritual elders (priests, brothers, nuns, ministers, teachers, etc). Members find healing and empowerment by joining with other survivors. SNAP was founded by Barbara Blaine of Chicago in 1992. We are an all-volunteer group with local chapters scattered throughout the United States and Canada. We also have a very active on-line e-mail support group with members from throughout the world.

SNAP’s Mission:
SELF-HELP: to reach out to as many survivors of sexual abuse by priests as possible
EDUCATION: to prevent further abuse through public education and advocacy.
SUPPORT GROUPS: SNAP chapters in various cities across the United States and Canada hold support groups for victims of clergy sexual abuse. Check the listing of local chapters for information on groups in your area.

Statute of Limitations Reform
While this website is affiliated and sponsored in part by the Cardozo Advocates for Kids, we are a much larger group of concerned citizens working towards the extension and/or removal of civil statutes of limitations for child sexual abuse. By allowing access to the courts, we can ensure that victims will get the justice that they deserve.

Survivorship – Survivors of Sadistic, Ritualistic Abuse
Mission is to provide an educational forum and limited support services for survivors, pro-survivors, and secondary survivors of sadistic sexual abuse, ritualistic abuse, torture and mind control, and for the service providers dedicated to supporting these survivors.

Survivors of Incest Anonymous
A 12-step, self-help recovery program modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous. There are no dues or fees. S.I.A. is for men and women, 18 years and older, who were sexually abused as children. You will not be rejected because you think your abuse was “too horrible,” and you will not discounted because you think your abuse wasn’t “bad enough to count.”

Survivors of Educator Sexual Abuse & Misconduct Emerge (SESAME)
Works as a voice for the prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment of students by teachers and other school staff.

VOICES in Action, Inc. – Victims Of Incest Can Emerge Survivors
VOICES is an international organization providing assistance to adult victims of child sexual abuse. They help victims become survivors and create accurate public awareness of the prevalence of child sexual abuse, its impact, and ways in which it can be prevented or stopped through educational programs.

Wings Foundation 
WINGS Foundation, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit agency founded in 1982. Our mission is to break the cycle and heal the wounds of childhood sexual abuse by providing support services, advocacy, and education to adults throughout Colorado. Our program serves anyone who is 18 and over and has experienced childhood sexual abuse, their loved ones, and professionals who work with survivors.The goal of WINGS is healing for all survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The path to healing is individual and unique to each person. WINGS provides services in a caring, compassionate, and confidential way that respects the unique healing process of each survivor.

Women’s Law
WomensLaw.org was founded in February 2000 by a group of lawyers, teachers, advocates, and web designers interested in seeing the power of the Internet work for more disadvantaged people and specifically for survivors of domestic violence. We pulled together our experiences and resources and launched this website in October 2001. WomensLaw.org changed its formal name from Women’s Law Initiative in 2005.




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