Join us for a sexy survivor and action workshop with Ignacio Rivera!

Join us for a sexy survivor and action workshop with Ignacio Rivera!
We’re thrilled to host Ignacio Rivera on Oct 6th for a sexy survivor and action workshop!
Sexy Survivor Workshop with Ignacio Rivera
10am-1pm: Sexy Survivors
Join us for a creative and interactive dialogue around survivors of sexual abuse and how they have navigated safe, empowering sexually healthy lives. It is also a forum for partners and allies of survivors to gain tools in supporting sexy survivors. All too often, sex is altered, damaged and or complicated for survivors of sexual abuse. It takes time, patience and trial and error to figure out what works for us. This workshop is not a therapy session but a more of skill and strategy share. We hope to encourage success building and future dreaming dialogue as we all share stories and ideas of what has worked for sexy survivors.
1pm-2pm: Lunch (on OAASIS!)
2pm-5pm: Action Workshop
Join in this interactive workshop to breathe, move, stomp, and act out. We will collectively hold space to express in a variety of ways how trauma has/is existing in our bodies. We’ll explore how to move, mold, walk with and release. This workshop uses theater techniques, visualization and movement to tell our stories and create collective healing from childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault and trauma.
Ignacio Rivera M.A., is a queer, Trans, Two-Spirit, Black, Boricua, Taíno who prefers the gender-neutral pronoun they. Ignacio is an activist, writer, educator, filmmaker, performance artist and mother. Ignacio has been sharing spoken word, one-person shows, and storytelling internationally. Ignacio’s body of work has focused on gender and sexuality; specifically on queer, trans, kink and sexual liberation issues within a race/class dynamic. See more on their website at: