Take action: change the culture around sexual violence

Take action: change the culture around sexual violence

OAASIS is building a movement that empowers communities to prevent child sexual abuse and help survivors live full, healthy, joyful lives.

We know that child sexual abuse is part of a larger continuum of sexual violence. We also know that many survivors of child sexual abuse are also survivors of other forms of sexual violence. The recent resurgence of the #MeToo campaign is providing all of us an opportunity to shift the culture’s understanding of sexual violence and work towards systemic changes that better prevent sexual violence.

OAASIS is working with our partners at the Oregon Alliance to End Violence Against Women to help amplify our voices and build momentum for change. We can use your help. Will you join us by submitting a Letter to the Editor (LTE) in response to the Oregonian’s editorial, “Oregon Capitol needs a culture change,” published today?

Things to consider when writing your LTE:

1. LTEs are short, only 250 words or less. We get to keep it brief and impactful!

2. We want to promote a unified message. Please consider incorporating some of the following messages or ideas:

  • Sexual violence is a pervasive problem in Oregon. It doesn’t just impact individual Oregonians; it impacts families and communities across every corner of the state.
  • When people are forced to choose between their safety and their livelihood, no one comes out ahead: not the survivor, their family, their place of business, or the community.
  • Sexual violence is a community problem. The community needs to be part of the solution. Sexual violence is more than an individual’s actions; it is influenced by our cultural beliefs, practices, and structures. Together, our communities can change those influences.
  • It doesn’t have to be this way. We all have a role in creating the world we want to live in.
  • The #MeToo campaign began 10 years ago and is now part of the public conversation in a more visible way. Let’s continue to talk about sexual violence—and let’s take action to create safe, healthy communities. Our leaders in Salem have supported bipartisan efforts to create more safety for survivors, but more needs to be done.

3. You don’t need to disclose abuse in the LTE. Or be a survivor to speak out. Sexual violence impacts everyone in the community. We all have a right to safely speak out for change.

4. Timing is important. Please submit your LTE in the next day or two (by Oct 31).

To submit your LTE, please email it to letters@oregonian.com. Please include your name (which will be printed) and your full address and daytime phone number (which will be used for verification). Let us know if we can help you as you write your LTE.

5. Help us know what you’re saying, too. Please send us a copy of your LTE after you submit it. We’d love to read your insightful words! Since the Oregonian won’t be able to publish every LTE, this will help us keep track of the important conversation.

Thank you for speaking up and speaking out!