Take action! Speak up for survivor safety and support

Take action! Speak up for survivor safety and support

This Thursday (March 14) is an important day for survivors of sexual and domestic violence in Oregon.

We need your help to let the legislature know Oregonians take domestic and sexual violence seriously.  Two pieces of legislation need your time and attention.  It won’t take long, but the impact will be enormous.

1) SCR 25, declaring the legislature’s support for survivors of sexual violence and pledging to create an Oregon that is safe for all survivors, is scheduled for a final Senate vote in the morning of the 14th.

2) The Public Safety budget committee will consider a $10M increase funding for lifesaving domestic and sexual violence services that same afternoon.

Please contact your State Legislators.  You can personalize the message, if you like, but you don’t have to personalize it.  If you do, please don’t disclose confidential information because this email will be part of the public record.

Survivors, advocates, and allies, let’s turn up the volume and ask Oregon’s leaders to double down on their support for survivors!