You are important

You are important

Over the last few days since the election, we’ve talked with a lot of people, from a lot of different walks in life, who feel overwhelmed, anxious, and afraid. We talked with people who have experienced violence and harassment in their lives and the trauma from the past felt like wounds being re-opened. We talked with people who have been harassed over the last few days because of the color of their skin, their gender, their immigration status, or their religion. We talked with people who were sexually abused when they were children, who deep down know they’re worthy of being treated with decency and respect, but wonder if other people believe the same thing.

We’re here to tell you—and the rest of our community—that you are worthy of being treated with dignity and respect. Your unique, irreplaceable life is valuable. You are important.

And we greatly appreciate you.

At OAASIS, we seek to grow a community where all people live full, healthy, and joyful lives, and all relationships are based on respect, consent, and equity. We believe that love is a powerful way to create this community. We want a world where love and respect—not fear, not inequity, not violence—lead. And, as we at OAASIS have reminded each other this week, this love is not going to just happen on its own. You and we—all of us—get to make it happen. We need each other to make this transformative love happen.

Today—if you are feeling fear or if you are not—we invite you to look for a way to share love in this world and remind people that they’re important. Maybe you could earnestly look at the person selling you groceries and thank them. Maybe you can email someone to let them know they’re on your mind. Maybe you can gently rest your hand over your own heart and speak a word or two of love to your body that has been with you through hard times and easier ones.

This isn’t a request to put on rose-colored glasses; it’s a call to bring more love and dignity into the world in tangible ways. Right now. We hope you’ll join us. And we hope you’ll post on OAASIS’s Facebook page the way that you brought more love and dignity into the world today. Your words will help us choose love and dignity, as we hope our words might help you.