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OAASIS is building a movement that empowers communities to prevent child sexual abuse and help survivors live full, healthy, joyful lives. We actively strive to create a culture that reflects this movement, just as we strive to embody the changes we’re working to create in our culture.

We rely on the generosity of individuals and foundations to support our work. Following are a few options to support OAASIS and the changes we are working to create.

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OAASIS is building a movement that empowers communities to prevent child sexual abuse and help survivors live full, healthy, joyful lives.

We need your help.

There are two very different conversations about sexual violence happening right now—a continuation of victim-blaming or a call for equity and respect. One of these overarching perspectives will prevail. What prevails will influence the laws and structures that impact child sexual abuse. It will be the overarching framework for how our children learn about safety and consent in our communities. It will be a determining factor in whether or not survivors can access healing support.

Please support our work to shift the conversation—and the culture—to one of respect, consent, health, prevention, and strength. We rely on individual support. Please join us with as generous a contribution as you can afford. Please consider a recurring donation or a gift of $50, $100, $250, or more.

Thank you for supporting survivors and keeping kids safe.


The Healing Fund

We know that people can heal from the trauma of child sexual abuse. This knowledge is based on the lived experiences of countless survivors and a scientific understanding of trauma and resiliency. The paths that people choose to heal and create safety are unique. One path does not fit all, so OAASIS works to increase people’s access to multiple healing pathways.

Your support of OAASIS’s Healing Fund will enable us to offer scholarships to OAASIS events and support our work to build a safe, supportive community for survivors.

Thank you for supporting survivors’ healing journeys.

The Voice Fund

There is deep authority in a person’s lived experience. But, too often, our culture shrouds child sexual abuse in secrecy and shame. OAASIS believes, relies upon, honors, and trusts people who were sexually abused as children to provide the insight and direction on how to heal and end child sexual abuse.

We can change the culture around child sexual abuse. We create positive change when people who were sexually abused as children, family members, friends, and community members speak truth to power.

Your support of OAASIS’s Voice Fund will enable us to mobilize and amplify survivors’ voices to have the greatest opportunity to be heard by our elected officials and inspire positive change in our communities.

Thank you for supporting survivors’ voices.

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OAASIS is making an impact not only in the State of Oregon, but nationally! We are honored to collaborate with a growing national movement to end child sex abuse, and are doing our part here in Oregon. We need YOUR help!

If you’d like to join this movement, please provide us with your contact information so that we can keep you informed about what is happening to end child sex abuse in Oregon. We may occasionally call upon you to lend your voice and support when needed. Please stand with us to support survivors and protect children!