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So often, our culture presents confusing and conflicting messages around child sexual abuse, ranging from “just get over it—that was the past” to “experiencing child sexual abuse means that your life is ruined forever.”

Neither of these offers much comfort or understanding for the traumatic impact of child sexual abuse. Nor do they inspire an understanding that life can be full, healthy, and joyful after child sexual abuse.

At OAASIS, we come from a “Yes. And.” perspective.

Yes: Child sexual abuse impacts the person who was harmed, their loved ones, and the entire community. This impact can run deep and show up in many different parts of a person’s life. The harm caused by child sexual abuse deserves to be taken seriously and addressed with professionalism, understanding, compassion, and care.

And: The deep, negative impact of child sexual abuse can shift. Science has developed an understanding of how our brains and bodies respond to trauma, violence, and harm–and how our brains and bodies can experience healing. People can embark on healing journeys that can include supportive tools that speak to them, from things like counseling to trauma-informed yoga. A survivor’s life can be very, very good.

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If you or someone you love was sexually abused as a child, help may be available.

If your child has been sexually abused, you may want to contact your local child advocacy center, which provides a law enforcement response and resources in a child-friendly setting.

If you are an adult who was sexually abused as a child, you may want to contact your local domestic and sexual violence services program, which provides resources whether or not you want to report to law enforcement (if you are a minor or want help for a child who is being sexually abused, then they are legally required to report the abuse to law enforcement).

You may also want to check out the resources page of this website.

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OAASIS is making an impact not only in the State of Oregon, but nationally! We are honored to collaborate with a growing national movement to end child sex abuse, and are doing our part here in Oregon. We need YOUR help!

If you’d like to join this movement, please provide us with your contact information so that we can keep you informed about what is happening to end child sex abuse in Oregon. We may occasionally call upon you to lend your voice and support when needed. Please stand with us to support survivors and protect children!