Building Community

Connected, Supported & Seen

If every Oregonian who was sexually abused as a child stood hand-in-hand, the line would extend from Portland almost all the way to Roseburg.

Imagine that line of survivors. It’s mind-boggling to think of so many people: hundreds of thousands of Oregonians whose lives have been impacted by child sexual abuse, whether recently or many years ago. We would witness survivors of every age, race, ethnicity, faith, gender, gender identity, ability, and belief system. The line of courageous survivors would be so long, it would take almost 3 hours to drive its entire distance.

But the sheer number of survivors is not the most powerful aspect of this line. Survivors are hand-in-hand. Imagine the deep wrinkles in the hand of a grandmother abused long ago holding onto the hand of a young child, who is reaching out to the pregnant woman by his side. Imagine the connection. Imagine the support. Imagine the community that could be created.

This is what OAASIS is doing: creating a safe, connected, supportive community for people who were sexually abused as children, survivors’ loved ones, and caring community members.

What’s on our minds: building community

Join Our Movement!

OAASIS is making an impact not only in the State of Oregon, but nationally! We are honored to collaborate with a growing national movement to end child sex abuse, and are doing our part here in Oregon. We need YOUR help!

If you’d like to join this movement, please provide us with your contact information so that we can keep you informed about what is happening to end child sex abuse in Oregon. We may occasionally call upon you to lend your voice and support when needed. Please stand with us to support survivors and protect children!