This is what We’re Working Towards

At OAASIS, we come to our work holding different backgrounds, personal experiences, and perspectives that shape our hopes for the future. Here are some of the visions that inspire us to do this work.

  • We seek to grow a community where all people live full, healthy, and joyful lives, and all relationships are based on respect, consent, and equity.
  • We envision a community where all children are safe and loved, and all people experience a loving childhood free of abuse and trauma.
  • We envision a culture grounded in behaviors and norms that inherently protect and empower children and respect their voices.
  • We seek to grow a community where people who have been harmed are supported on their healing journey.
  • We envision a culture that honors people who have experienced trauma, seeks their wisdom, enables their healing and flourishing, and does not shame them.
  • We envision a community where survivors’ friends and family members support their loved ones, and are supported in their own healing.
  • We seek to grow a community where people who have committed child sexual abuse are held accountable in a way that values their humanity; gives them the help they need to not harm again; and promotes a safe, healthy, and inclusive community.

What’s your vision? Let us know what inspires you.

Join the Movement!

OAASIS is making an impact not only in the State of Oregon, but nationally! We are honored to collaborate with a growing national movement to end child sex abuse, and are doing our part here in Oregon. We need YOUR help!

If you’d like to join this movement, please provide us with your contact information so that we can keep you informed about what is happening to end child sex abuse in Oregon. We may occasionally call upon you to lend your voice and support when needed. Please stand with us to support survivors and protect children!