Join us Feb 22nd!

Join us Feb 22nd!

In our work with survivors over the last ten years, we have learned a few things. At the top of that list is a recognition that healing looks different for each person and that healing and wholeness do not often happen in isolation. We are social beings. We are impacted by the people around us. Some experts refer to this “MWe.”

If the term “MWe” is new to you, you aren’t alone. Dr. Dan Siegel, an expert in the brain science of trauma, resiliency, and language, uses MWe to talk about how the human brain is hardwired to be both individual (Me) and connected to other people (We). Our brains are continuously being reshaped by our experiences. The We influences how we experience the Me. Likewise, the Me influences what the We can become.

We, at OAASIS, seek to create empowered spaces in this world where survivors and allies and all people can access their full self and be in community with each other. This is tricky work for sure, especially when for so many of us, our sense of trust has been violated. But we also believe that it is vital work if we want to live full, healthy, and joyful lives. And we do.

As such, we will be meeting over the next several months to build our connection to ourselves and to each other. Our times will be simple: a check in, a grounding meditation, a brief and optional learning time around a particular subject, a related art activity/expression, and snacks.

In February, our focus will be setting our intentions for the new year.  We will create an art collage to access the topic of our intentions for the new year, led by Mel Phillips and Kristi Kernal. For any of you who want to set some intentions for the new year, and have not had the space to do so, this might be a great opportunity for you to do this work—in the supportive and inspiring company of others.

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