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Welcome to OAASIS. Whether you have experienced child sexual abuse, have concern about someone who has been victimized, want to know more about protecting your children, or simply stumbled upon us by accident, we are delighted that you are here.

We are a group, comprised primarily of survivors and allies of survivors, with a mission to build a movement to end child sex abuse through advocacy, prevention, and survivor support. This has been an exciting year for our young organization as we have doubled our team of volunteers, received our biggest grant – to date – from the Ms.Foundation for Women, been awarded a “Gloria Award” from Gloria Steinem, and have launched the Family Justice League of Oregon with two fabulous organizations, Voices Set Free and Partnership for Safety and Justice. In addition, we received a grant from the NoVo Foundation and were selected to participate in their groundbreaking “Move to End Violence” program!

As we enter a new year, our focus is to continue to break the silence and shame around child sexual abuse by offering presentations by our OAASIS Survivors Speakers Bureau to the community. Our speakers share their stories of abuse and healing, and equip audiences with practical tools and insight to protect children and to pursue healing. If you, your organization, social or civic group, classroom,or faith community is interested in booking a speaker, please contact us. (#503.274.1179)

We hope that our website will support you as you pursue the resources,information, and insight that you may need. Furthermore, our Facebook profile, OAASIS OREGON, offers further information and updates around our work and child sexual abuse. Please consider taking a look at it.

Thank you, again.


Klarissa Oh
Executive Director of OAASIS Oregon

Your support will make a difference in our fight against child abuse and our efforts to support survivors. Please consider giving today!

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Each of us possess skills that help one another in the fight to prevent future child abuse. We can use your help in many ways whether it's volunteering time, contributing financially or offering emotional support for others.

If you are a survivor of sex abuse, we are here to help. Please contact us to find support, resources and confidential help for your healing process.