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2015 Year End Fund Raiser is Under Way!

December 2015

Dear Friend,

If every Oregonian who has survived child sex abuse stood hand-in-hand, the line would extend from Portland, through Salem and Eugene, and reach almost all the way to Roseburg.

Imagine that line of survivors. It’s mind-boggling to think of so many people: hundreds of thousands of Oregonians whose lives have been impacted by child sex abuse, whether recently or many years ago. We would witness survivors of every age, race, ethnicity, faith, gender, gender identity, and belief system. The line of courageous survivors would be so long, it would take almost three hours to drive its entire distance.

But the sheer number of survivors is not the most powerful aspect of this line. Survivors are standing hand-in-hand. Imagine the deep wrinkles in the hand of a grandmother abused long ago holding onto the small hand of a young child, who is reaching out to the pregnant woman by his side. Imagine the connection. Imagine the support. Imagine the community that could be created.

This is OAASIS’ work:  We have been creating a safe, connected, powerful community for survivors of child sex abuse.

Comprised primarily of survivors and survivors’ allies across Oregon, OAASIS is nurturing a movement to end child sex abuse. Our numbers are growing by the day – over 3,000 survivors, allies, and allied organizations, covering every corner of our state, have joined our base of supporters. Together, we stand for healing, for empowerment, and for collective change.

We are making an impact.  This year:

  • Survivors from the OAASIS Speakers Bureau broke the silence and shame around child sexual abuse with thousands of Oregonians.  We recognize that silence enables child sexual abuse.  By courageously sharing honest experiences of child sexual abuse and by educating people on ways to prevent, support, and heal, we establish greater safety.
  • We are building shame resilience. In the stories and experiences of so many of OAASIS’ survivors, we witness the insidious and destructive power of shame in perpetuating child sexual abuse and in obstructing its healing.  Shame shuts us down.  Nonetheless, many of the more established and default approaches to addressing child sexual abuse, utilize shame and fear as primary motivators and tactics.  After six years of doing this work with survivors at the helm, we have become increasingly clear that we need an alternative way.  We need to diminish shame rather than feed it.  As such, we launched a Non-Violent Communication learning venture with a core team of OAASIS staff, board, and volunteers to grow our capacity to speak honestly about complex experiences of child sexual abuse, to engage each other with openness and accountability, and to explore innovative and effective language in communicating about child sexual abuse to our broader audience, particularly in the political sector.
  • With our OAASIS Quarterly Chats and Gatherings, we continue to establish a sturdy and nurturing space for survivors and their allies to access deeper healing and build collective power to end child sexual abuse.

And we have more ground to cover in the year ahead.

  • We are eager to create OAASIS’ public policy agenda.  Our aim is to translate our values of human dignity and survivor empowerment into a strategic, intentional, and life-giving public policy agenda.   (Please keep your eyes out for an upcoming survey; we want—and need–your input and wisdom!)
  • We will transform the OAASIS Survivors Speakers Bureau from a list of speakers to a powerful team of survivors and allies who lead OAASIS’ culture transforming work.
  • We will expand our base of survivors and allies who use their voice and vote by 25% on behalf of survivors and children to the end of creating a safe and healthy Oregon.

Your support over the years helps us create a space where survivors regularly tell us, “I can show up with all of myself without shame.” Can we count on your support as we build on our successes and expand our efforts to end child sex abuse in Oregon?

Today, we ask you to join us with as generous a contribution as you can afford. Please consider a gift of $50, $100, $250 or more.  With your help, we’re creating a better Oregon, an Oregon where all of us are valued, where survivors are safe, and where communities are connected.

You can donate online through Paypal, using either your Paypal Account or credit card through this link:


You can also send your donation into us by mail, to:  OAASIS, PO Box 2161, Portland OR  97208

Thank you for standing with us. I hope you will join us in supporting OAASIS in the year ahead.


Klarissa Oh, Executive Director, OAASIS

Anne Kelly Feeney, Board chair, OAASIS











Welcome to OAASIS. Whether you have experienced child sexual abuse, have concern about someone who has been victimized, want to know more about protecting your children, or simply stumbled upon us by accident, we are delighted that you are here.

We are a group, comprised primarily of survivors and allies of survivors, with a mission to build a movement to end child sex abuse through advocacy, prevention, and survivor support. This has been an exciting year for our young organization as we have doubled our team of volunteers, received our biggest grant – to date – from the Ms.Foundation for Women, been awarded a “Gloria Award” from Gloria Steinem, and have launched the Family Justice League of Oregon with two fabulous organizations, Voices Set Free and Partnership for Safety and Justice. In addition, we received a grant from the NoVo Foundation and were selected to participate in their groundbreaking “Move to End Violence” program!

As we enter a new year, our focus is to continue to break the silence and shame around child sexual abuse by offering presentations by our OAASIS Survivors Speakers Bureau to the community. Our speakers share their stories of abuse and healing, and equip audiences with practical tools and insight to protect children and to pursue healing. If you, your organization, social or civic group, classroom,or faith community is interested in booking a speaker, please contact us. (#503.274.1179)

We hope that our website will support you as you pursue the resources,information, and insight that you may need. Furthermore, our Facebook profile, OAASIS OREGON, offers further information and updates around our work and child sexual abuse. Please consider taking a look at it.

Thank you, again.


Klarissa Oh
Executive Director of OAASIS Oregon

Your support will make a difference in our fight against child abuse and our efforts to support survivors. Please consider giving today!

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Each of us possess skills that help one another in the fight to prevent future child abuse. We can use your help in many ways whether it's volunteering time, contributing financially or offering emotional support for others.

If you are a survivor of sex abuse, we are here to help. Please contact us to find support, resources and confidential help for your healing process.